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Some Texas high school students are losing college credits

April 24, 2016
Austin American-Statesman | Julie Chang

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  • Dual Credit, Hyperloops & Domino's Pizza

    New data show high school students enrolled in dual credit programs are not always receiving full credit toward their degree plan once they get to college. According to theAustin American-Statesman, “Researchers said instituting a statewide agreement among higher education institutions specifying the types of courses that must be accepted toward degree plans, and better advising in high school, could mitigate the problem.” While less time in college could ultimately help reduce the cost of a degree, the quality of the dual credit program and how it complement a university’s curriculum must also be taken into consideration.

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  • The Lincoln Project

    This week the Lincoln Project released a national report that “urges state lawmakers, Congress, businesses and philanthropists to boost aid to public universities.” Leaders from the Project, so named for the groundwork President Lincoln laid for the U.S. public university system, were in Austin this week to meet with key lawmakers and education stakeholders about the report. “Tuition cannot keep going up indefinitely at rapid rates,”said Robert Birgeneau, Lincoln Project co-chairman and former chancellor at the University of California, Berkeley.

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