"As imperfect as it might be."

“It does not require a force as powerful as the sun to get The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University to work together, but it certainly helps. UT Austin’s Next Generation Photovoltaics Center will add a new solar research site at Texas A&M University thanks to a new grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).” Along with non-academic partners, such as Boeing and the U.S. Air Force, the researchers will address both technical and non-technical challenges of solar power, including educating the public about the low-cost energy being produced by solar farms.

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The Politics of Higher Education

Gov. Greg Abbott announced a new initiative to create “Innovative Academies” at Texas public high schools, which will allow students to earn college credits in high school in targeted programs that lead to “direct employment in high-demand occupations.” Schools will apply to the Texas Education Agency for funding of their programs, which are expected to be in areas such as aerospace, manufacturing, energy and computer science.

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A Provocative Demonstration

Higher education opportunities for Texans expanded this fall when Texas A&M University San Antonio welcomed its inaugural class of freshman. The campus had included upper-division students since it was first formed in 2009. The Legislature approved expansion to a four year academic institution in 2015, paving the way for the school to welcome 513 freshman this fall. “This is a historic achievement for this university and the people of San Antonio,” said Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp.

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Latest Updates

  • A Momentum Changer

    The Texas Senate unanimously approved three new regents on Tuesday of last week. Janiece Longoria, Rad Weaver and Kevin Eltife were confirmed and sworn-in ahead of their first board meeting in Austin on Wednesday. Their appointments bring to a close what has been, at times, a tumultuous period for the Board, most notably because of the ongoing battles – legal and otherwise – brought on by outgoing regent Wallace Hall. The terms of regents Alex Cranberg and Brenda Pejovich also came to an end this week.

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  • State of the State

    In his State of the State address this week, Gov. Greg Abbott announced a state hiring freeze that included institutions of higher education. As noted by the Associated Press, the move “applies only to positions supported by money appropriated by the Legislature. That might allow campuses to use tuition dollars to pay for some positions while shifting appropriated funds to other college and university expenses.” In his remarks, Abbott also called on lawmakers to fully fund his University Research Initiative, which aims to recruit talented faculty to Texas institutions.

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